Mum’s The Word - June 17, 2014

William Mellor, about to have his teeth brushed
William Mellor, about to have his teeth brushed
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When you’ve just had the excruciating pain of two giant white mountainous teeth poking through your gums, imagine then having to deal with a plastic pole covered in strange bristles shoved inside your mouth.

With his pearly whites coming through, we thought we’d better start brushing William’s teeth. Especially following a talk from a dental nurse at a play group, who showed us horrific photographs of toddlers with black, rotting teeth and told us disturbing stories of babies being given Coke or sugar-packed strawberry milk-shakes in their bottles.

As the little chap is intent on putting anything in his mouth which comes within an inch of his lips, I thought teeth brushing would be a doddle; that he’d at least chew the bristles.

And he’s always been fascinated by seeing the hubby and I brushing our teeth.

So we got a small blue toothbrush and – as Blackpool has no fluoride in its water – some toothpaste with fluoride to help prevent tooth decay.

I thought it was a good sign when William appeared intrigued by the toothbrush... until he started using it as a drumstick!

Then when we teased it into his mouth, he pulled a face like he’d just eaten a dozen lemons.

It seems the little chap isn’t all that keen on the taste of minty fresh toothpaste.

And so he started clamping his jaw shut and pursing his lips together like they’d been super-glued.

Thankfully, last night we discovered the best way of getting him to open wide. And it’s a pretty simple solution.

Take two big sisters (Sophia and Gracie). Sit the toothbrush-resistant baby in front of his sisters, who are pulling funny faces and singing.

And hey presto, you’ve got a happy baby with a beaming smile, and before he knows it – there’s a toothbrush in his mouth!