Mum’s The Word - June 16, 2015

Sophia, William and Gracie Mellor splashing in their wellies at Brock Bottom
Sophia, William and Gracie Mellor splashing in their wellies at Brock Bottom
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After finally having some long-awaited sunshine, it might seem a bit odd to put William in his first pair of wellington boots.

But any day is a good day for splashing in streams!

It’s a rite of passage as a child to learn how to stamp your feet in water – and can more often than not involve falling in head first (especially on days when your parents have forgotten an emergency change of clothes!)

Now the little chap is steadier on his feet, I thought he’d be able to give some wellies a go – and lucky for William he was given some rather trendy ones from our lovely Auntie Barb for Christmas.

As soon as I took them out of the wardrobe, he started pointing at them and giggling.

These aren’t just any old bog standard wellies – they’ve got eyes, a tail and a huge smile.

And despite not being the easiest of footwear to put on – I can never tell if his foot is flat at the bottom, but he doesn’t whinge so I’m assuming he’s not walking on his tiptoes! – the little chap was very patient as he tried them on for the first time.

He loved them so much, he wore them the whole morning around the house until the hubby and I took him and his two sisters, Sophia and Gracie, for an afternoon trip to Brock Bottom.

After watching us stamp our feet in the stream, William started copying us.

And seemed to enjoy it, until he splashed the water so much a few big drops landed inside his welly. Then there was the near miss, when he stepped into a deeper part of the stream and the only way to save him from a real dunking was by yanking him up in the air by his hand.

This, as you can imagine, prompted a lot of pointing at his slightly soggy socks.

While he’s yet to get to grips with them, wellies, wellington boots, Welly-bobs – whatever you want to call them – are one of the best footwear inventions.

Give me a pair of wellies and a huge puddle to splash in with my son any day, over a pair of towering stilettos.

I know which ones I’d have more fun in!