Mum’s The Word - July 8, 2014

Will Mellor
Will Mellor
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We’ve got a new language in our house, which is predominantly made up of ‘ahhhhhs’, ‘oooohs’ and the odd ‘yaaaa yaaaa’.

That’s right, baby talk is in full flow.

The hubby and I have been nodding our heads in agreement to all of William’s babblings, as if he’s discussing Darwin’s theory of evolution or something equally intellectual.

And if we repeat the sounds back to him, the chattering can keep us all entertained for hours – even though we haven’t actually got a clue what the little chap is talking about.

Purring like a cat and blowing raspberries are also some of his favourite ways of communicating.

And then there’s grunting like a pig to show he’s not too happy about something, which is normally whenever we’re battling to strap him into his car seat, when all he wants to do is roll around on the floor.

But then the other night he surprised us with noises that actually resembled proper sounds from a human being; ‘dada’ and ‘gaga’.

And it wasn’t just a one-off fluke, he’s been saying them non-stop ever since.

Despite my daily ‘mama’ drill in a bid for William to say my name first (well, it’s only fair after I endured the labour pains) ‘dada’ was the first proper sound to come out of his mouth.

The hubby was so pleased... until it became apparent William shouts ‘dada’ to any random person who comes close – whether they’re his father or not.

It was especially unnerving for him when William said it to his toy monkey.

But we’ll let him off, seeing as he’s just exercising his vocal cords, and ‘dada’ is apparently easier to for him say than anything 

And so for now, I’ll have to wait for that magical ‘mama’ word and instead hope that ‘ahhhhhhh’ translates as: “That broccoli mush may have looked disgusting mummy, but it actually tasted rather nice.”