Mum’s The Word - July 28, 2015

William Mellor takes a look at some bugs in the garden
William Mellor takes a look at some bugs in the garden
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It never ceases to amaze me how children pick up new skills from copying others.

Like William picking up a cardboard box with a handle and carrying it to the front door – as if he’s off to work with a briefcase.

Or stirring a pretend cup of tea and taking a sip holding the tiny handle with his finger sticking out – like he’s a wealthy gentleman having afternoon tea at The Ritz.

The other day we were in the front garden about to go out, when William bent down where some slates line the path and started peering underneath.

He pointed and made his ‘oooh’ noise as he methodically turned each one over in turn to look at the ants and woodlice.

I wondered where on earth he’d got this innate bug hunting trait from, until I discovered his grandpa had been taking him on little adventures down to the bottom of the garden to look for frogs and toads.

Being a lover of all things creepy and crawly, my dad is keen to pass on his wildlife knowledge to William.

And it seems the little chap enjoys discovering what lives under rocks, stones and in ponds. But only at a safe distance.

He’s stroked a toad, but wasn’t best pleased when it jumped on his foot. He’s yet to hold a worm and if you hold one too close to him he demands it is put back in the soil.

He quite likes following ants – although I’m not sure they’re his biggest fans after he chased some round with a toy dumper truck and ran over a few.

And he’ll point out spiders in the garden – although I’ve never seen him clamber out of the bath so fast until last night when a pretty huge one was circling the taps.

But his grandpa is determined to make a David Attenborough out of him yet.