Mum’s The Word - July 22, 2014

William Mellor (left) and his playmate Lexie
William Mellor (left) and his playmate Lexie
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There’s romance in the air; William has got his first admirer.

And it’s not just a doting grandparent who’s probably going to send fake Valentine’s Day cards to him when he’s older.

We’re talking about a love affair with a gorgeous little girl.

Lexie and William have been having weekly play dates since he was born, but over the last few weeks they’ve really started to recognise each other.

It’s not quite got to the stage where William is planning on asking Lexie’s dad for her hand in marriage yet, but I think they’re pretty fond of each other.

When our little chap sees Lexie, he smiles coyly at her, while his little princess points at him excitedly.

Their play dates generally involve filling the lounge with so many toys you can barely see the carpet.

And of course it gives Lexie’s mum and I chance to have a good natter and swap baby tips.

Lexie is seven months older than William, which makes him quite the toy-boy.

And she certainly wears the trousers in the relationship; patting him on the head when she thinks he’s being good and showing him which toys to play with.

The pair of them roll around on the floor together, play together, feed the ducks together, babble away at each other and they’ve even had their first lovers’ tiff over who was going to cuddle Ben the bear first. (Lexie was the more gracious and gave up on the tug-of-war; which reminds me, I need to teach William the art of sharing.)

Thank goodness they soon kissed and made up though.

As we were heading home the same day, Lexie – completely of her own accord – tottered over to William and gave him a kiss on the cheek, followed by “bye bye illmmm.” (Which we reckon translates as William).

It was quite a special moment.

So who knows – maybe they’ll end up as childhood sweethearts after all.