Mum’s The Word - July 21, 2015

William Mellor, in his interesting sleeping position
William Mellor, in his interesting sleeping position
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The secret to a good night’s sleep is definitely the perfect position.

Are you a starfish, pillow-hugger, a spooner, or do you go for the curled up foetal posture?

I always thought William liked sleeping in the same position on his tummy when he was snuggled in his little sleeping bag.

But with the warmer weather finally upon us, we’ve taken him out of his sleeping bag – and so he’s discovered there’s a whole cot explore.

It must have felt like being released out of a straight jacket for the poor little chap.

He normally likes his back being stroked while he’s settling down to sleep; but now his legs are free to wriggle where they want, he’s started other tickling demands by sticking his left foot through the cot to be stroked too!

And when we go up to bed and check on him, he’s in a different position every night.

Only last night I found him with his legs crossed, bottom stuck up in the air and arms tucked under his tummy.

It looked highly uncomfortable, but he was sound asleep.

Then there’s the 180 degree turn – starting with his head at the top and then spinning round mid-sleep so he ends up on top of his blanket instead of snuggled underneath it.

There’s his chilling-out look – on his back, arms splayed out and legs up in the air, resting on the top of his cot, like he’s been attempting a vault.

And while some parents occupy a more controlled bed territory, William also manages to wriggle into our bed on occasion too... only after 5am, mind.

Then we have an hour of protruding legs, head-butting, pulling hair, his bottom laid across our faces, all while we’re balancing precariously on the edge of the bed. But it’s worth it for morning snuggles.

I just feel sorry for his future partner – he’s definitely going to be the wriggling bed-hogger!