Mum’s The Word - July 12, 2016

William Mellor with his foam shooter
William Mellor with his foam shooter
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I think William may need a bit of help in the woo-ing department.

His sisters, Gracie and Sophia, had some friends over for a sleepover at the weekend.

Aged between five and 10 years his senior, and more interested in selfies and make-up than boys, the little chap was going to have to pull a few tricks out of his hat to get their attention.

So he started with what all boys resort to when they don’t know what to say to a girl...


And he proceeded to chase the five screaming girls around the house until he’d cornered them under a table.

Next he jumped upon his blue ride-on car and pretended to ram into the sofa the girls were sitting on, while they were quietly writing their ‘sleepover activity list’ (what little girl doesn’t like writing a list in lots of pretty colours?)

When that failed to impress, out came trusty Postman Pat and PC Selby; he raced the duo’s van and car around the floor – trying to show off how fast they could go.

But when no one wanted to join him playing on the floor, William used one last tactic.

He emerged with a foam shooter – and the girls burst into fits of giggles when he started firing the foam shapes at them.

Thankfully, it wasn’t one sided and they took it in turns firing each other, hiding behind chairs and cushions like an ambush.

Although I wouldn’t normally condone using weapons, it did the trick.

I certainly admire the little chap’s persistence – but I reckon we need to work on a few more peaceful ways to get girls’ attention!