Mum’s The Word - January 6, 2015

William Mellor, yodelling
William Mellor, yodelling
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You know those miraculous stories of people waking up one day and being able to speak a different language...?

Well it’s kind of happened in our house.

It’s the new year – and William seems to have found a whole new way of communicating.

The other day he started making a yodelling noise, and he’s not stopped since.

I’m tempted to dress him in some Alpine garb – the fancy lederhosen and white knee high socks – as he’s making his yo-de-leey-ee-eeee noises. (Now, that would be great material for his 18th birthday.)

It must be the start of the little chap’s speech developing, as it sounds like he’s having a conversation with himself – even though the hubby and I have no idea what he’s going on about.

But as it sounds so cute, I’ve found myself yodelling back at him.

William has also begun other ways of communicating – stretching his arm out and pointing at something he wants to touch or, more often than not, eat.

Or there’s also his more direct way of grabbing my cheek and moving my head in the direction of whatever he wants to grab and making a grunting noise.

And then, yesterday, we reckon he said his first proper word. He’s been babbling mama and dada for a while, but this was something totally different. When I asked William if he wanted some blueberries after his lunch, we heard a definite bluuuubrrreeze. Which I can only imagine is his way of saying ‘blueberries’.

And as ‘bluuuubrrreeze’ is a pretty impressive first word, I’m happy with that.

(Better than my younger brother’s first words, which started with a word which rhymes with ‘muddy’ and ended with a word rhyming with ‘smell’.)

Whichever way William is trying to get his message across, it’s pretty amazing as it shows he’s developing his own personality – and a real talent for a spot of yodelling!