Mum’s The Word - January 5, 2016

William Mellor enjoying playing in the play area at the hospital
William Mellor enjoying playing in the play area at the hospital
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A hospital trip wasn’t exactly in our Christmas holiday plans.

I guess it’s not really on anyone’s wish list at any time of the year – but when Christmas Day morning arrived and William couldn’t open his eyes to see his presents, we knew a trip to the walk-in centre was in order.

We’d been giving him eye drops for conjunctivitis in the run up to the long awaited day – and they seemed to be getting better, until that morning when the poor little chap looked like he’d been punched in both eyes.

I’ll spare you the details but it wasn’t a pretty sight.

The staff at the Whitegate Drive walk-in centre were wonderful and after a thorough investigation, the doc sent us straight to Blackpool Victoria Hospital.

Cellulitis, the verdict from the paediatrician, which I thought was something to do with dimples on my legs after eating too much cake – but, seemingly, is a type of infection.

IV antibiotics, some eye drops and a couple of nights in hospital... “to monitor him and check the infection hasn’t spread to his brain.”

It’s every parent’s worst nightmare to hear words like that, even if it’s just as a precaution. So, as we watched William explore the brilliantly kitted out hospital playroom, we were grateful he was in the best place surrounded by amazing nurses and doctors.

And it really is an incredible place – you don’t realise we have such a good children’s ward on our doorstep until you need it.

Even on the world’s most celebrated holiday of the year, it provides round the clock care – even at 1.30am when William needed another dose of antibiotics.

And oh boy, he really didn’t enjoy that part of his hospital stay. He screamed “noooooo” and buried himself in our arms when the nurses first came near to inject the medicine into his hand.

But they patiently won him round, singing the Postman Pat theme tune and it wasn’t long before he was saying thank you after each injection.

So after a three-day stay, lots of antibiotics and the all-clear from the eye doctor, now it’s our chance to say a big thank you to all the staff at the Vic – you were the best Christmas gift we had this year!