Mum’s The Word - January 27, 2015

William Mellor helps his mum Julia pick out the right size of nappy
William Mellor helps his mum Julia pick out the right size of nappy
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There are three little words which I’ll warn any parent not to mutter too soon... ‘really good sleeper’.

We thought we had an angelic sleeper for the first six months – and probably proudly boasted about it too.

Then came the inevitable teething trouble and the challenge of creeping out of the nursery trying not to step on the one creaky floorboard, which is inevitably in the path of your only direct exit (unless you can climb out of the window, down the drain pipe and through the front door to get back downstairs).

And just when you think you’ve overcome those hurdles, there’s something else stopping you from getting a good solid, sweet seven hours sleep.

Poor William has started waking with a leaky nappy night after night.

It’s probably down to him sleeping on his tummy and us encouraging him to drink lots of water throughout the day, which is supposed to be a good thing – until it comes to 4am and the little chap is crying to have his nappy changed.

So, in a bid to solve the problem, I did what any other desperate mum searching for answers does... and scoured parent forums on the internet.

Tried different brands (it didn’t seem to make a difference); put two nappies on (it only worked for one night and looked so uncomfortable I gave up on that idea); make sure everything in that area is pointing south (check); do a nappy change before going to bed at 11pm (too disruptive when he’s already sound asleep and looking so peaceful) or put cotton wool inside the nappy for extra absorption (it seems he needs more absorption than one little cotton wool ball).

And then there was the strange, but intriguing, idea of putting a sanitary towel inside the nappy. So, when the hubby was working away one night (as he’d already decided William should not, under any circumstance, wear a sanitary towel!), I secretly gave it a go.

But that didn’t work either – to the relief of the hubby!

Thankfully, the last ditch attempt to stop him waking up soaking wet did – all he needed was to go up to the maxi sized nappies!