Mum’s The Word - January 19, 2016

William in the snow
William in the snow
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It may only have been a small flurry, but there was just enough snow for William to enjoy his first experience of the white stuff this weekend.

I was so excited when the first snowflakes started falling on Saturday, I even offered to put the rubbish out at 9pm that night – just to get the feel of a few flakes on my face.

I should have known I’d feel more than a few flakes, once William got to grips with the idea of a snowball fight though.

The little chap was so excited when we opened the curtains downstairs to reveal the white blanket – well, I suppose it was more like a dusting of icing sugar – over the garden.

Watching The Snowman is the closest William had ever got to seeing snow before now, and he instantly starting singing “Walking in the Air” and running around the living room like a flying snowman.

We’re lucky the white stuff hadn’t melted by the time we got kitted out to go outside – if you’ve ever tried to get a toddler’s thumbs in the right place in a pair of mittens, you’ll know what I mean!

Thankfully, there was just enough for crunching in the snow, throwing snowballs and even building a snowman.

William chose a satsuma for its nose and stood proudly by its side, as he placed a hat on top of its head.

He checked on his snowman throughout the day, and just like when watching The Snowman, later pointed at the puddles of melted snow on the patio and said “uh oh”.

I’m afraid you might have to wait another few years for your next bit of snow fun, son.