Mum’s The Word - January 12, 2016

William Mellor looking happy
William Mellor looking happy
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As a parent, how do you measure how well you’re doing?

If your children eat a healthy, balanced diet so they’re getting all the nutrients they need, then that’s a pretty huge thumbs-up.

As is giving them plenty of experiences and activities to stimulate their young and developing brains.

Then there’s the basics – making sure they’re washed and dressed properly.

I probably shouldn’t mention at this point that William and I walked halfway down our street a few weeks back, before I realised I’d put his shoes on the wrong feet. The fact he’d started saying “ow ow” prompted us to stop and assess his footwear – before I had to do a tricky knee balance manoeuvre to swap his shoes over without him putting his socks in any nearby puddles.

Nor should I really confess the other day he pointed at his feet and said “uh oh” after I’d dressed him in one red trainer and one blue shoe. Oooops.

It’s not looking great for me, if I measure how well I’m doing on the basis of William’s footwear, is it?

So, I’m going to go by what our little chap told us the other night; his first night back home after his hospital trip.

We’d lined his favourite cars around his cot – his bedtime comfort, I promise they don’t stay there all night though! – and had cuddles, when he looked up at us and said “meeeee, happyyyyyy”.

Not only was I pretty overwhelmed by the fact he’d connected two words in his first sentence (although, obviously we need to work on his grammar). But it made us feel the happiest parents alive to hear his declaration of emotion.

We must be doing something right!