Mum’s The Word - February 3, 2015

William Mellor clapping
William Mellor clapping
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We have a few tricks up our sleeve for whenever William bursts into tears.

It doesn’t happen all that often – mainly when he’s determined not to have his nappy changed, he wants another yoghurt or if we’ve hidden his dummy.

But when he does cry, it’s one of those proper bottom lip out, tears streaming down his face, sobbing kind of cries.

Distracting him with a musical cow which sings songs in an irritatingly high-pitched voice is a pretty good way of cheering him up.

Looking at some photos on the wall takes his mind off whatever is bothering him – until we have to stop him from grabbing the photo frame off the wall, so he ends up crying again.

Even playing with some empty plastic bottles is an excellent distraction technique.

But the latest trick has proved the most effective: playing Olly Murs’ latest song Wrapped Up.

(By the way, please don’t judge us as parents on the music played in our house; it’s all down to William’s seven and 11-year-old sisters!) As soon as we play the cheeky chappy of pop’s catchy tune, our very own little chap stops whatever he’s doing (including bawling his eyes out) and starts waving his arms in the air, while smiling and wiggling his bum.

It never fails.

And so it’s become somewhat of a ritual to play the song every morning, so William is busy wiggling his bottom to the tune, giving us 10 minutes (if we put the song on repeat!) to get ready for work.

Other favourites are Uptown Funk by Mark Ronson, featuring Bruno Mars (if you’ve not yet heard the song, turn your radio on as it’s played about 1,000 times a day) or pretty much anything by Ed Sheeran.

Maybe he’s got good taste in music after all.