Mum’s The Word - February 17, 2015

William Mellor, with his milk bottle
William Mellor, with his milk bottle
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It’s pretty easy to see why children love cuddling teddy bears.

They’re soft and snuggly, comforting and probably even give off familiar smells to make them feel secure.

William has a bedroom full of different shaped, sized and coloured ones – but surprisingly he’s never been too fussed by them.

I thought every child had a favourite cuddly toy which they’d cling onto through their early years (and which provides perfect embarrassment material on their 18th birthday).

But the little chap invariably throws them out of his cot before bedtime and goes to sleep without cuddling anything.

Until the other day, when he discovered something he just couldn’t bear to be without – a blue top one pint plastic milk bottle.

It wasn’t as if it was full of milk for him to drink – it was a completely empty blue top plastic milk bottle.

He discovered his new favourite toy after an afternoon at the grandparents’ house playing with old plastic milk bottles to pour water in the sink (the simplest games are the best!)

He loved the game so much the milk bottle went everywhere with him. In the car on the way home, in the kitchen for tea, upstairs for bath time.

He clung onto it for story-time and it even went to bed with him - his grasp round the little handle was so tight there was no way I could prise it off him.

He probably would have woken up still holding it had I not crept in and taken it off him. Now that would be an embarrassing tale to tell at his 18th if he cuddled a milk bottle every night!