Mum’s The Word - February 16, 2016

William Mellor, with his favourite book Dirty Bertie
William Mellor, with his favourite book Dirty Bertie
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Life with our toddler has become one long, fun game of Simon Says.

Touch your toes – William touches his toes, dry your hair – William picks up the hair dryer and waves it over his head, take your shoes off – and William starts pulling his off too...

Pick your nose – and William picks his nose.

At this point I should explain that neither the hubby or I partake in such a disgusting, unhygienic activity.

Dirty Bertie is the one to blame.

You see, William loves him so much, he’s started copying him.

If you’ve not heard of Dirty Bertie before, he’s a revolting little child – with disgusting habits like eating sweets which he’s picked up off the floor, playing with worms, eating the dog’s dinner and weeing on flower beds. He’s also a fictional character, thank goodness. Dirty Bertie used to be one of William’s sisters’ favourite books; and now the little chap has claimed it as his own and wants to read it most days.

He listens to every word I read and recites the catch line in the book, “No Bertie, that’s dirty Bertie”.

I thought this would teach William what ‘not’ to do, but unfortunately it’s had the opposite effect.

Do you know how he lets me know that he’d like to me to read Dirty Bertie to him? Yes, you’ve guessed it... he sticks his finger up his nose.

Thankfully, William hasn’t started emulating everything Dirty Bertie does, and is staying away from flower beds!