Mum’s The Word - December 9, 2014

William Mellor playing
William Mellor playing
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After my first day back in the office, I had this romantic idea William would rush over (in his typical bottom wiggle style crawling) with his arms wide open for a cuddle as soon as I walked through the door.

But, instead, he gave me the cold shoulder, a snub and look of disdain which said ‘you abandoned me’.

Well, at least that’s what it felt like when he barely looked up from his set of plastic building cups when I walked into the room.

To be honest, he probably hadn’t even noticed I’d been gone all day; he’d been having so much fun with the grandparents. And that was the general theme for the whole three days I was working – fun, fun and more fun, what with feeding the ducks, visits from family friends, plenty of playtime and a few walks out for some fresh air.

It hadn’t started off all that fun though.

The night before my first day back, the hubby and I were up most of the night trying to soothe William from a cough and cold which had appeared out of nowhere, and eventually had to resort to rocking him to sleep in his pram in our bedroom. But, after a strong morning coffee and only a mildly tearful goodbye (on my part, not William’s), I was office-ready.

It was great to get back and stuck into some work, catch up with my work colleagues, and eat my lunch without a tiny hand trying to grab my sandwich for a bite.

I held back from the temptation of calling at midday to find out how things were going, resigning myself to the notion that ‘no news is good news’.

And – despite the poor boy’s cold putting him off his food apart from a few bread sticks, blueberries and yoghurt – both sets of grandparents said he was a delight (just you wait for the terrible twos to start).

They’ll even have him back this week!