Mum’s The Word - December 8, 2015

William Mellor throwing baubles
William Mellor throwing baubles
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There’s a little elf in our house – and he’s a mischievous little thing.

As soon as my back is turned, the baubles (yes, the festive season is in full-flow in our house) get pulled off the Christmas tree and scattered across the living room floor.

At least our cheeky little elf William tries to help me put them back on the tree – although generally not in the same place as the hubby first hung them, to give an even scattering and spacing of purple, silver and sparkly decorations (it’s his OCD again.)

Rather than just being outright naughty though, I reckon the bauble game is William’s payback for his advent calendar.

Or lack of, as the case may be.

This year, I decided that instead of giving the little chap a chocolate advent calender, I’d do something a bit healthier.

Last year the hubby and I ended up eating most of it anyway – so to give me half a chance of squeezing into a festive frock for The Gazette Christmas do this week, the less temptation the better.

So William has got a little house with drawers to fill with fruit, raisins and then one piece of chocolate a week as a treat.

He’s passed the anti-fruit phase, so I thought he’d be quite content with a grape or blueberry in the morning.

How wrong could I be?

The look on his face when he opens the little drawers to find one measly looking blueberry staring back at him screams ‘are you kidding me? Is that really it?’

He’s that disgusted, he’s not even eaten anything out of it yet.

It’s no wonder he finds bauble-throwing more fun than his advent calendar!