Mum’s The Word - December 30, 2014

William Mellor with some wrapping paper on Christmas Day
William Mellor with some wrapping paper on Christmas Day
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I reckon William could get quite used to waking up to a stocking full of presents next to his bed.

On Christmas morning, we took him into our room to unwrap his stocking fillers and he loved ripping all the paper off so much, he started on the hubby’s too.

A simple 99 pence Slinky was a real hit... until he discovered Santa had left him a toy garage and bubble machine downstairs.

He was a lot more animated about his gifts compared to last year, when he was just 10 days old and pretty much in a milk coma the whole day.

Or maybe that was more to do with not being impressed with his rubber duck bath toy and 
Winnie the Pooh rattle from Santa!

Although we didn’t go mad on him this time round either, the lucky little chap was truly spoilt by generous family and friends.

It’s just a shame he wasn’t feeling up to tucking into his first Christmas dinner.

He had come down with a stomach bug on Christmas Eve, which slowly took down nearly every member of the family – so much so we ended up having a Christmas dinner survivors’ photo for three, instead of the full seven.

But I’ve promised everyone a festive feast take two, with turkey and all the trimmings one day next month.

At least we’ll be able to buy cheap crackers in the sales – and maybe re-wrap some of William’s toys, so he can enjoy the fun of ripping the paper up again!