Mum’s The Word - December 23, 2014

William Mellor playing with his first birthday present, a toy train set
William Mellor playing with his first birthday present, a toy train set
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It’s pretty hard to believe... our little man is one!

I feel like shouting from the rooftops ‘we’ve done it!’ – we’ve got through the first roller coaster year of sleepless nights, amazing cuddles, breast-feeding problems, wriggly nappy changes, playtime, teething, and giggles.

And, the most important part, William has come through it unscathed!

Before he was born, I knew I’d love him – but I completely underestimated how much he would make us laugh and smile, completing our family and bringing us so much happiness every day.

They say time flies when you’re having fun and William’s first year has flown by.

In a blink of an eye, he’s gone from tiny newborn to cheeky little chap bursting with personality, and yet the year is crammed full of amazing memories.

So what better way to celebrate his wonderful first year than making more memories with a house full of some of the play mates he’s met along the way for a little afternoon tea party.

He lapped up the attention, smiling from ear-to-ear when anyone sang happy birthday to him.

We played with bubbles, crawled under a parachute (even the adults, to the kids’ amusement) and of course, there was the obligatory pass the parcel and musical statues for the older children.

And William was a lot more interested in his presents than I’d imagined, ripping the paper open and somehow making his eyebrows rise as high as his hairline. (It’s a pretty impressive expression!)

He grabbed on to the handles of his new trike when we took him for an afternoon stroll, played with his racing cars and tipped bricks out of a dumper truck.

Although, by the end of his birthday he was just happy playing with an empty box.

We’ll have to remember the empty box present for his second birthday; if this year’s anything to go by, it’ll be here in a flash!