Mum’s The Word - December 22, 2015

William with his sisters Gracie (seven) and Sophia (11) and the Postman Pat van cake
William with his sisters Gracie (seven) and Sophia (11) and the Postman Pat van cake
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Having a birthday cake is all about munching every last morsel, right?

Wrong. Well, wrong if William has anything to do with it – and you want to play with your cake instead.

We had a wonderful time celebrating the little man’s second birthday last week.

He got saying thank you (or ‘sfffank ouuuuu’ as he says it) down to a fine art and loved ripping the birthday wrapping paper off his gifts to find what treats were hidden underneath.

It was a joy to see him playing with his new toys – a train set and a sit-in red and yellow car, which have come on a lot since I was a tot and now come complete with a petrol pump and key (it’ll be parking sensors and a sat nav next!)

And typically, he had just as much fun playing with the boxes and stamping on bubble wrap.

But the icing on the cake was his reaction to his birthday cake.

It was worth staying up past midnight on the nights running up to his birthday, trying to make some sponge and a huge blob of red icing look at least a little bit like a Postman Pat van.

His face lit up when I placed the cake in front of him and he started singing the Postman Pat theme tune.

Next out came the toy figures and he was determined to stuff Pat inside the cake to sit behind the windscreen!

I hadn’t realised how much he was enjoying playing with the pretend van until I brought a knife over to cut it up.

“Nooooooooo!” he screamed, before throwing his body and hands over the top of it – in a protective leap normally reserved for James Bond when he’s saving a damsel in distress from a villain.

To be fair, it probably looked quite scary in the eyes of a two-year-old to see your idol’s van destroyed in just one slice.

So I distracted him with a new toy and took the cake van away to be sliced in secret.

Next year, I’ll have to make a cake that looks like a giant packet of crisps and then he’ll happily munch his way through it!