Mum’s The Word - December 2, 2014

William Mellor at playtime
William Mellor at playtime
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You know that feeling as you prepare for work after a long weekend or holiday?

Well, imagine it after 12 months away from the office.

And that’s pretty much what I felt last night as I prepared to return to work after the most blissful year looking after our little boy.

It’s that combination of anxiety (will William think I’ve abandoned him?), nerves (will I remember how to turn my computer on and converse with colleagues in a way that doesn’t involve singing nursery rhymes?), and excitement (if, like me, you’re lucky enough to enjoy your job).

So in a bid to make this morning as stress-free as possible I’ve been trying to prepare for the big day.

First up was trying on my old work clothes which have been collecting dust in the wardrobe ever since my baby bump was too big to squeeze into them.

I can just about get them on; it’s all down to the strength of the buttons to hold everything in place for an eight-hour shift now.

Then a trial run of getting us all up, washed, dressed and ready to leave the house at 7.15am. Thankfully we just about managed it, and I even found time to brush my hair!

And, of course, there’s the slight issue of child care.

We’re lucky to have two sets of amazing grandparents who are sharing Will-watching duties over the three days I’m working.

That definitely takes a huge amount of worry away knowing the little chap will be with family who he loves being with already!

(It must have something to do with being spoilt rotten by them!)

And the best part about preparing to go back to work – playtime! The housework has certainly been on the back burner as I’ve been savouring every moment with the little chap.

I’m sure I’ll miss William like crazy – but I’m ready to test my brain cells back at work. And at least I’ll be able to have a hot cup of tea on my lunch break!