Mum’s The Word - December 15, 2015

William Mellor playing with his mum's make-up
William Mellor playing with his mum's make-up
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Everyone wants to look good on their birthday.

Even two-year-olds called William.

I can’t quite believe the little chap turns two today.

The time has flown by and he has brought us more joy than he’ll ever know.

It’s the little things he does which make us laugh so much.

Like the other day – when he got hold of my make-up bag.

As I was getting ready, he started trying to copy me.

First came the eyebrow brush, which he smeared all over his forehead.

Then the eyeshadow, which he used to give himself a little black moustache.

He stuck his fingers into my face cream tub and rubbed a huge dollop of the stuff onto his cheeks, before smearing lip balm on his lips.

He then took hold of a bottle of perfume and pretended to spray it on both sides of his neck.

Next he got hold of the hairdryer (unplugged, of course) and hovered it over his head, before brushing his hair to give himself volume to rival Jedward’s hair-do.

I hadn’t realised he took that much notice of me getting ready – not enough though, as I don’t generally like to paint a moustache on my face, or an extra pair of eyebrows on my forehead!

But he obviously sees himself as a bit of a metrosexual, taking pride in how he looks. Although his application of make-up is more clown-like than perfectly groomed.

I think it’s time I hid the red lipstick and mascara, before he decides to smear that all over his face too!