Mum’s The Word - August 4, 2015

William Mellor enjoys a kayak ride with his dad Tony and sister Gracie
William Mellor enjoys a kayak ride with his dad Tony and sister Gracie
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As a parent, you want to be able to nurture your children’s interests in hobbies.

(Unless it involves anything that’s going to break the bank, like owning a thoroughbred pony.)

I’m already preparing myself for standing on the sideline at football matches in the freezing cold early on Sunday mornings, when a cup of tea and yet another cookery programme on how to make the best ever roast dinner sounds much cosier.

Or watching apprehensively between my fingers on a muddy field as William gets into a scrum, if he takes up rugby.

But I didn’t think he’d show an interest in sports – aside from throwing a ball in the garden or jumping on a trampoline – this early.

We’ve just returned from a holiday in Belgium, where the little chap discovered a new-found passion.

I thought he’d be content with a bucket and spade in the sand, by the lakeside, while the hubby and I took turns paddling around the lake in a kayak with his older sisters.

Boy, was I wrong.

When he saw the hubby and girls setting off, he ran down to the shoreline and started shouting ‘bahhhhhhh’ – which I can only imagine meant ‘back’ – at the top of his voice.

And as soon as they came ashore, he threw himself over the side of the kayak to try and get inside – and became pretty irritated as we struggled to get a life vest over his head, while he was still clambering to get inside the canoe.

Sat on a little seat perfect for toddler sized bottoms in between the hubby and his sister, Gracie, William looked very relaxed as they paddled off.

The same can’t be said for me, as I paced up and down the shoreline, ready to do my best Baywatch rescue attempt (minus the skimpy red swimsuit) if we suddenly had a ‘toddler overboard’ situation – which seemed likely, as the little chap insisted on leaning over to run his hands through the water.

It looks like William pushing the boundaries with hobbies and me watching on anxiously has started already!