Mum’s The Word - August 25, 2015

William Mellor with his plaster
William Mellor with his plaster
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In the life of any little boy, one thing’s for certain – they’re going to get a few cuts and grazes along the way.

Whether it’s from stumbling on the park, climbing trees or balancing on pretty much 
anything they shouldn’t be – it’s going to happen.

When William was learning to walk, he took a few stumbles and ended up with a graze here and there.

But, nothing like operation first-aid, which we went through for the first time yesterday after he cut his knee.

And, I’m not being melodramatic here, when I say it was a pretty bad cut.

William and I were playing a silly game upstairs, where he pretends to walk away and I grab the back of his shorts so he wobbles around.

He giggles so much and wiggles his bottom when he wants to keep playing. So, he wasn’t very impressed when I said it was time to leave the house and we had to go downstairs. He walked a few steps and then threw himself to the floor in protest.

But what he didn’t bank on, was landing on one of those metal carpet dividers (which I’m sure have a more technical term). And, to top it off, he landed on one of the screws which keeps it in place. The screw doesn’t even stick out – it’s flush to the floor.

But it still made a decent job of ripping a great hole in the little chap’s knee.

He’s quite a tough little cookie, so when he cries, we know he’s in pain. There were tears streaming down his face, blood pouring down his knee, not to mention the guilt (why on earth do we have stupid carpet dividers with screws in 
anyway?) waving over me.

Trying not to panic, I grabbed what calms down any situation like this... Peppa Pig plasters. If you’ve not seen the cartoon, Peppa Pig is a pink, bossy pig who William has taken quite a fancy to.

And so, after perching him on the toilet lid, cleaning the messy cut with cotton wool and water, and covering it up with a Peppa Pig plaster, the tears soon stopped.

Now I just have to stop him from peeling the plaster off!