Mum’s The Word - August 2, 2016

William Mellor with his friend Lexie
William Mellor with his friend Lexie
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William is in serious trouble...With his little pal’s daddy.

You might think he’s a bit young to be getting on the wrong side of adults, three times his height and 10 times his age. But he’s crossed the line. Big time.

William and his best friend Lexie were busy playing chase in the garden when the little chap shouted “sexy!” in Lexie’s direction.

‘He’s never heard that word before, why would he shout that?,’ I thought desperately.

Then two minutes later, there it was again.

“Will you keep your son under control and away from my daughter if he’s saying inappropriate words like that,” Lexie’s dad joked. (I hope he was joking, at any rate.)

Then it dawned on me; he was trying to say Lexie’s name. But it was coming out as ‘Sexy’ instead.

Not only is it pretty unsuitable to be shouting such words to a three-year-old, it’s also just not the best way to get on the right side of a girl. But these two have got history... so I think William will be excused.

They’ve known each other since they were born, enjoy frequent play dates – from domestic bliss with Lexie’s play kitchen to Postman Pat deliveries – and even had a romantic fish fingers and smiley faces dinner for two (although I can assure you parental supervision took place). They have both even expressed their love for each other – albeit not face-to-face.

Lexie has told her mum she loves William and saves her cuddles for him, while William announced to me the other day: “I love Sexy.”

Maybe William can brave saying those three little words to his favourite girl himself – but not before he can pronounce her name!