Mum’s The Word - August 18, 2015

William Mellor looking grown-up
William Mellor looking grown-up
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I’ve just had one of those ‘Where’s my baby gone?’ 

There’s no need to panic though.

I don’t mean I’ve lost him – as I type, William is sat curled up in my arms fast asleep and looking like a sleeping beauty (except for the snoring!)

It’s just that he seems to have gone through a remarkable growth spurt recently.

He’s shot up (5cm in three weeks) and his face looks much less baby and more boy-like.

The realisation hit me after looking at a photo we’d taken while out enjoying the park this weekend.

Granted, I was lying on the ground while I took a photo of him towering over me so the perspective was slightly out.

But, nonetheless, he looked like a grown-up, little boy – ready for pre-school even.

It got me thinking... where HAS my baby gone?

He wants to run off and explore the park without me holding his hand. Instead, I run around, following him and trying to keep up!

He certainly has his own mind when it comes to where he wants to go and what toys he wants to play with.

If I dare to line his toy cars up in the wrong order then there’s trouble.

He knows which drawer to stand by and open in the kitchen to let us know what he wants to eat.

And, when he’s not feeling lazy, he spoons his own breakfast (mostly) into his mouth.

When you’re pregnant or have a newborn people say ‘treasure every moment, they’re not little for long’ or ‘it’ll fly by’.

And my goodness, they’re so right.

It doesn’t seem two seconds since we were bringing William home from the maternity unit.

And now he’s a toddler with his own mind. A mind that is growing all the time with each new experience.

At least he’s still happy to snuggle in my arms now and again.

Although it doesn’t happen that often – so it’s time to stop typing and treasure the moment.