Mum’s The Word - August 16, 2016

William Mellor playing with his lego
William Mellor playing with his lego
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If anyone has ever watched Toy Story, you’ll know exactly why toys should be given a new lease of life.

From the look of some of our William’s toys, you’d think we were purposefully trying to be thrifty.

But the truth is, they’re just some of mine and the hubby’s old play things that have been re-discovered.

Take the hubby’s old matchbox cars, for example.

William was exploring his Grandad and Grandma’s loft one day recently, when he came across a huge tub of cars, trucks and even a giant cane.

It was like Christmas had come early for the little lad.

Many were bumped and scratched, some of them had even been given DIY paint jobs – with some rather fetching, bright pink nail varnish (it was the 1980s, after all).

But their slightly battered appearance was not due to neglect, rather from hours and hours of loving playtime.

A look of nostalgia swept right across the hubby’s face, as he saw our young William playing with his old favourites – a blue Transformer, a MASK cartoon flying car and in addition, a yellow replica Citroen 2CV.

And I got that same feeling just the other day, when my mum sent me a photograph on my phone of William playing with mine and my brother’s old Lego.

The whole living room had been totally overtaken by a Lego city – complete with a fire station, police car and pirate ship.

A caption accompanied the photograph: “Don’t pick me up too early!”

In fact, I did arrive early to pick William up...

But only because I wanted to play Lego with him!