Mum’s The Word - April 28, 2015

William Mellor looks longingly at the big wagon as it turns out of his street
William Mellor looks longingly at the big wagon as it turns out of his street
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I think it’s about time I set the record straight with Blackpool’s waste collectors.

(Not that I imagine this column is their favourite read after a hard day’s work – so, if you know of any binmen, could you pass the message on?)

When they come to collect our bins every week, they’re likely to see William peeping at the window or, if he is feeling particularly inquisitive, they may even see us stood at our front door.

It’s not that we don’t trust them to collect our bins properly; our waste collectors are very nice, professional, friendly guys.

It’s all about William’s love of trucks.

When he was a small baby I used to show him the huge vehicle coming down the street through the lounge window. And now he’s fascinated by it.

Last week, I was giving him his lunch when he suddenly started pointing to the front door. It’s only when I heard the familiar chugging noise getting closer that I realised he’d already recognised the sound meant it was bin day.

So lunch was abandoned and we stood by the front door.

I have to admit it’s not the greatest sight in the world, watching the street’s bins emptied one-by-one (although you do get to work out your neighbours’ favourite takeaways), but it’s great watching William’s excitement.

He points and stares intently at the machine as it gobbles up bag after bag like a hungry animal that’s been starved for weeks.

And he’s taken quite a shine to the friendly waste collectors, who wave at him. So much so, we couldn’t resume lunch until we’d waved at the bin truck non-stop until it turned off the street!