Mum’s The Word - April 22, 2014

Baby William Mellor all content after his first baby massage
Baby William Mellor all content after his first baby massage
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It must be nice to be woken up from a mid morning nap with a relaxing massage.

I should be so lucky.

William, on the other hand, is now getting pampered every Wednesday morning at a baby massage class.

Arriving at my local children’s centre, I wasn’t sure what to expect the first time round.

But the staff were friendly and showed us to a bright, colourful room, where a dozen mums were sat in a circle 
facing each other with their legs crossed – looking like 
they were about to start 
a meditation session at a 
hippy retreat.

As I nervously squeezed William and I into a space in the circle, we were greeted by reassuring smiles and hellos from the other mums.

Laid down on their backs in front of us, most of the babies had already been stripped off ready for their massage.

But there was no chance I was risking taking off William’s nappy until the last possible minute!

Then the chattering began – and that was purely from the babies.

Like a domino effect, as soon as one tiny tot made a sound, the next baby made another indecipherable 
(but cute, of course) noise, followed by the next.

Talk about mothers’ meetings – the poor mums couldn’t get a word in edgeways for all the baby chatter!

Copying the health visitor assistant with her demo doll, I smothered my hands in grape seed oil and began rolling each of William’s tiny toes between my fingers.

Then as I massaged his legs, hips, tummy and arms, he looked up at me with a cheeky smile on his face.

“How lovely, he’s really enjoying it”, I thought – before realising the smile had more to do with the spectacular spray all over my legs!

As I frantically tried to mop up the puddle at my knees, the mum next to me said “don’t worry, mine did that last week”.

Phew, I’m not the only one with a baby who likes to leave his mark then.

For the final part, we put the babies on their tummies to give their backs a gentle rub before scooping them up in our arms for a cuddle.

This time, William looked up at me with a huge, relaxed smile on his face.

I just hope he remembers all these massages so when he’s older he can return the favour and give my aching feet a rub!