Mum’s The Word - April 14, 2015

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A child’s imagination fascinates me.

It’s pretty incredible how they can make a fun game out of something that adults see as a boring, household, functional product.

Take cotton wool buds.

The other day William discovered these funny looking sticks in the box where I keep all his nappies and essentials.

With his trademark serious, concentrating face, he took out every single cotton wool bud out of the packet – yes, all 300 of them – and placed them strategically on the floor so almost every inch of carpet was covered in a new unusual looking white rug.

Then he put every one back and started the game all over again.

He then suddenly spotted the radiator and decided to post each little stick through the top and watch it fall to the bottom.

What an ingenious game!

It kept him busy for at least 15 minutes – giving me chance to get ready, brush my hair and even have time to slap on a bit of make-up (which is rare when you’ve got an inquisitive toddler who likes to grab everything out of your hand!)

At his grandparents’ house, William loves taking the toilet rolls off the stacker in the bathroom, rolling around the floor before putting them back.

I’ll have to remind him he’s not an Andrex puppy.

And then there’s the ‘hide the potato’ game, which is pretty self-explanatory. The little chap takes the potatoes out of the vegetable box and hides them in different cupboards – so my poor mum finds them sprouting next to the pots and pans days later!

Honestly, William does have some fun toys to play with, but who needs a garage and train set when you’ve got cotton wool buds, potatoes and toilet rolls to entertain you...?