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Debra Taylor-who has lost more than 6st.
Debra Taylor-who has lost more than 6st.
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TALK about a yummy mummy!

And full-time mum Debra Taylor is now certainly living up to that title after shedding an incredible 6st 4lbs.

She has just been awarded Greatest Loser 2013 by the Slimming World group she attends in South Shore, Blackpool.

Her success story will soon feature in the national Slimming World magazine too.

Debra, 26, had struggled with her weight for a long time and after having her baby, Heavenly, in February last year, she tipped the scales at 16st 9lbs.

The full-time mum said: “Never ever did I realise how big I was.

“I was big at 15.5st before I had my daughter but I never thought I’d reach 16st 9lbs. I lost all my personality and really got myself in a rut.

“I wouldn’t go anywhere as people always use to say, ‘haven’t you put weight on?’, or, ‘are you having a baby?’

“So I decided not to go out to be insulted all the time – instead choosing the easier option of staying in watching my soaps with a kebab.

“I would never look at my body in the mirror as it would just make me feel depressed, I did wonder how I had let my self go?

“Family members would say, ‘Oh Deb you need to lose weight;, I’d say, ‘yeah, I will’. But I’d always be thinking to myself I would never get it off.

“I lost a stone by myself after having my daughter, which was a good kickstart.”

Debra, from Marton, then decided to give Slimming World a try and started going to groups run by Dave Thornley, on Tuesdays, at 5.30pm and 7.30pm at Lindale Methodist Church, on Dorritt Road.

She went from a size 22 to a svelte size 12 and has not looked back since.

“From March 13, I went to the Slimming World group every week and planned my meals and really looked forward to making nice recipes. Weight was just dropping off. After losing about 3st I even joined the gym. I go three times a week now and really enjoy it.

“After getting to my target of 10st 7lbs, at the beginning of March, I feel a new woman.

“Slimming World has changed my life - I now want to get glammed up and go out. I now feel like a 17-year-old again. It’s really given me a new lease of life. Before I was like a 40-year-old woman.

“It’s thanks to my consultant, Dave and going to the group, which really helped me. I didn’t find the programme hard to follow really and now it’s a lifestyle, it’s not a diet.

“And I want to say to all the new mothers who think they can’t do it – just believe in yourself, because inside every mum, there is a yummy mummy!”

Dave can be contacted on (01253) 421447.