Mum praises school’s handling of incident

A PCSO at the school gates on Monday
A PCSO at the school gates on Monday
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The mum of a pupil at Montgomery High has written a letter to the school praising the way it dealt with the frightening episode. She is happy for it to be shared with Gazette readers:

I am the parent of Oliver Bagan in Year 7 and I would just like to take the time to thank you and praise your wonderful staff on the way yesterday’s start of term was handled under the most disturbing of circumstances.

I had to make a very difficult decision based on facts and logic, putting aside my emotional feelings for the safety of my child. Despite the many hundreds of parents hyping everything up on social media making things 100 times worse I decided to send my child to school (on Monday).

Oliver has been extremely upset over the weekend and his words told me he was “absolutely terrified”. We have had sleepless nights and lots of tears and questions.

This as you can imagine as a parent yourself is heart-breaking, especially when you are delivering them to that place in which he was terrified to go.

We were met by some of your staff at the gate who could clearly see the distress Oliver was in and we were ushered into the reception where we were looked after and reassured by (I think?) the head of Year 7 Miss Holden.

Fortunately I knew the officer in attendance at the reception so that gave Oliver some comfort.

Then staff from social services arrived and took Oliver and another Year 7 boy to have a chat and 10 minutes later they both came out looking more reassured with the promise of access to speak to them at any point during the day.

Oliver was then walked to his form class and I left the school without a doubt in my mind that I had done the right thing and had total trust in the authorities to do their investigation and your judgment regarding the safety of not only your pupils but also your staff.

Oliver came out of school practically a different boy from the weekend.

Happy and extremely reassured and pleased to be back at school.

The last few days I imagine have been extremely stressful for you, particularly when such negative comments have been circulating through social media.

I am frustrated and angered myself, with the comments, especially as a parent I am being told I am an idiot, crazy or don’t care by sending my child to school.

Please pass on my heartfelt thanks to all your staff (of all roles) for dealing with this matter in such a professional but thoughtful way. It must have been very difficult for you all.

I did speak to Mr Kilmurray yesterday and passed on my thanks but I wanted to let you know directly.

I am pleased and proud that my son has started his senior school years at a place I have full confidence in and is run by such professional and caring staff.

Lynda Bagan

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