Mum injured in dog attack

Bite attack: Janet Moy with her dog Koby and, below, the injuries she suffered in the attack
Bite attack: Janet Moy with her dog Koby and, below, the injuries she suffered in the attack
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A woman has told how she suffered bites and scratches as she fought with a Staffordshire bull terrier for 10 minutes to save her dog.

It was only thanks to the arrival of a passing van driver that Janet Moy was finally able to drag her pet Koby to safety.

The 59-year-old carer was walking her dog on Devonshire Road, North Shore, when the animal attacked.

She heard snarling before the bull terrier launched itself at Koby, a cross between a King Charles cavalier spaniel and a poodle.

Mrs Moy, of nearby Foxdale Avenue, tried to keep the terrier at bay with one hand while she lifted Koby out of harm’s way by his collar and lead.

However, the dog grabbed her arm in its jaw - leaving her with teethmarks and deep scratches from its claws which had to be dressed by her doctor.

She said: “It was terrifying. I heard the dog snarling and the next thing I knew, it was trying to get hold of Koby.

“I held Koby up by his lead and tried to push him into the hedge out of the way of the dog.

“It sank its teeth into my arm but I managed to pull free and must have been struggling with it for about 10 minutes before help arrived.

“A van driver stopped and he helped me struggle with the dog, we were shouting and screaming at it at the top of our voices but nothing seemed to do any good.

“Eventually, it just seemed to get tired out and ran off.

“I called my son, Andrew, for help. I was so scared my hands were shaking and I couldn’t walk because my legs were like jelly.

“I noticed some blood on Koby and was worried he had been bitten. It was then I realised the blood was mine and was coming from the wound in my arm.”

After Mrs Moy’s wound had been dressed, she contacted police to report the dog attack.

Officers discovered the animal had escaped from a nearby house and had warned the owners to keep it under control.

But Mrs Moy believes tougher action should have been taken.

“This dog was very strong and vicious,” she said. “What if it attacks a child next time it gets out on to the street?

“I really think there should be stronger legislation, so that dogs which have proved themselves to be dangerous should be taken away from their owners.”