Mum and alarm save fire couple

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A FRANTIC mother called the fire brigade as a blaze broke out in the flat where her son and his girlfriend were sleeping.

Crews were called to the upstairs property on Clevedon Road, Bispham, shortly before 1am today after a smoke detector alerted the woman to the blaze.

Despite desperate efforts by the mother, who was in the flat below, she could not get a response from her son's property. Firefighters were forced to break the door down.

Michael Spencer, watch manager from Bispham Fire station, said: "If it had not been for the smoke detector waking this man's mother, the fire could have spread and this may have been a very different story.

"The fire was caused by a pan of food left on the hob.

"The couple slept right through the smoke alarm and also the sound of us forcing the door open. They were surprised to be woken by a fireman.

"They were confused, but refused hospital treatment.

"Four rooms of the flat were damaged by the effects of smoke."

A ventilation unit was used to clear the flat of smoke.