MP joins inheritance debate

Wyre MP Ben Wallace
Wyre MP Ben Wallace
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A WYRE MP added his voice to a parliamentary debate set to change the course of British history.

Ben Wallace, MP for Wyre, joined the debate in the House of Commons on plans to change the future of the monarchy, whereby the first-born child of an heir becomes the monarch no matter their gender.

Mr Wallace told The Gazette: “The Government wants to change succession so the eldest child immediately becomes the monarch, I don’t have a problem with that, I don’t think anyone does.

“But I think this is important for my constituents who live on the Duchy of Lancaster estate. A considerable sum of money is paid to the Privy Purse from the Duchy of Lancaster estate. Some of my constituents’ livelihoods depend on the future of the Duchy.

“It all sounds very well changing who inherits the crown but they seem to be confused on who inherits other things.”

Mr Wallace called for some clarification on how titles that specify a male heir in their deeds would be passed on.

He added: “I wanted clarity that the monarch can access other titles and they don’t get split up.”

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