MP demands action on Universal Credit following Commons vote

Gordon Marsden
Gordon Marsden
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A Blackpool MP has renewed calls to pause Universal Credit after the Government lost  a vote on the controversial benefit.

Labour’s Gordon Marsden has been campaigning on the benefit which has seen people go without money for six weeks and which charged up to 55p a minute on its customer helpline.

On Wednesday, the Government agreed to scrap the phone charges which had hit the poorest in society but refused to halt the roll out of the benefit which pays people out of work, in arrears.

The Blackpool South MP said the vote showed the Government had got it wrong on the execution of the benefit.

He said: “The Government fled the field as our opposition motion on Universal Credit passed 299 to nil in the Commons.

“It was humiliation for ministers, they must now pause Universal Credit and look again at its implementation.

“It is wrong for people to have to go without money for six weeks.

“The people who the Government are keen to get on Universal Credit are from complex and fragile backgrounds least able to cope with such pressure. I am glad they listened on the helpline, but they should now look again at the whole thing.”