Move over Pythagoras

Charlie Warburton runs through a few equations.
Charlie Warburton runs through a few equations.
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A YOUNG teenager has proved he’s greater than the sum of his parts after scoring an A* in GCSE Maths despite his tender 14 years.

Teachers have said Charlie Warburton has the greatest mind they’ve ever seen.

The Cardinal Allen High School pupil is already mastering maths topics way above his age group as he now works towards an A Level in the subject.

From calculus to complex numbers, Charlie turns his hand to any equation in his pursuit of knowledge.

The Year Nine pupil said: “The GCSE was fairly easy to do, maths is fun. I like it because you get to learn new stuff and expand your knowledge.”

With support from tutor David Bartram at Blackpool Sixth Form, tutor Hugh Mett and his teachers at the school, on Melbourne Avenue, he is now studying for the A Level.

Head of maths Stuart Henderson said: “I’ve been teaching since 1992 and he’s the most gifted student I’ve encountered, it’s very exciting.

“He thinks in a very inventive way, I remember he’d worked Pythagorean triples at a young age.

“He could do the A Level at the end of the year but we’re more inclined to let him enjoy his maths.”

The 14-year-old now enjoys weekly sessions at Blackpool Sixth Form to further his knowledge.

Charlie now plans to study A Levels in maths, further Maths, physics and chemistry and then progress to university to do a degree in mathematics - that’s if he’s not taken the degree by 18.