Mouse droppings bakery ‘spotless’ now says owner

Michael Reaper at the Home Bakery premises on Blakiston Street, Fleetwood.
Michael Reaper at the Home Bakery premises on Blakiston Street, Fleetwood.
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The boss of a Fleetwood bakery shop slammed for serious hygiene issues says the problems occurred last year and facilities are now spotless.

Last month the Home Bakery business was fined more than £11,000 at Blackpool Magistrates’ Court after pleading to three offences brought under Food Safety and Hygiene legislation by Wyre Council.

The court heard that part of the premises on Blakiston Street was littered with mouse droppings and that cooked meats were stored at temperatures well above the approved level.

However, boss Michael Reaper says the offences occurred back in July or August and all the issues raised by inspectors were put right within a week.

The issues came to light during a routine but unannounced inspectors’ visit.

Mr Reaper, 63, who has been running the business since 1976, pointed to the now clean storage areas and said: “To be honest this has been a terrible experience.

“We have never had any problems like this in all the time I have been here and we have always kept on top of hygiene. I accept that when inspectors came here there were some issues.

“I cannot explain why the area was covered in mouse droppings and neither can the pest control people we have employed for years. They told me everything was fine.

“After this came to light we thoroughly cleaned all the affected areas and sealed them to make sure it doesn’t happen again, with regular follow-up checks from pest control. All the issues in the report were dealt with straightaway and the place is spotless.”