Mount Methodist Church to close at the end of year

Mount Methodist Church, Fleetwood
Mount Methodist Church, Fleetwood
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One of Fleetwood’s oldest churches will close at the end of the year because of dwindling numbers and lack of funding.

Mount Methodist Church will close its doors on December 31 having served the methodist community in Fleetwood for 105 years.

It’s a bitter blow for parishioners and the church committee who say they have done everything they can to save it.

Church council secretary David Stead said: “We are down to about 30 parishioners attending services every week.

“The building needs maintenance and we need funding to do it. Numbers have reduced, in part because some of our parishioners have passed away recently, and we have had to make a decision.

“We agreed a time and we won’t continue beyond the end of the year.”

Financially, the church is struggling to meet the demands of paying clerical staff, contributions to the methodist circuit, insurances and maintenance.

The church roof needs repairing and although the cost of that is just £1,000 the fee to do the work the bill will be nearer £10,000 because of the amount of scaffolding needed to reach the height of the church.

The Mount Road church was originally a Sunday School. The memorial hall was added in 1930 and following the amalgamation with Wesley Church in 1971, the community hall and foyer was constructed in 1974.