Mother in hospital after kitchen explosion

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A MOTHER-of-two is recovering in hospital after a chip pan exploded in her kitchen.

The 22-year-old was taken to Blackpool Victoria Hospital suffering from smoke inhalation after rescuing her two young children from the blaze in their home on Leaford Avenue in Layton.

The two youngsters - a two-year-old girl and a one-year-old baby boy - were also taken to hospital by ambulance to be checked over but were later allowed home.

The blaze broke out at 6.15pm yesterday as the woman was running a bath for her children.

Watch manager Ian Alder, from Blackpool fire station, said: “She had put the chip pan on and was upstairs when she heard a noise. When she checked, the chip pan had burst into flames and the kitchen was on fire.

“She closed the door which was fantastic and went to get the children.

“Her partner had left to go to work and had locked the door.

“She left the children on the stairs and had to go back into the kitchen to get her own set of keys. That is where she has breathed in a lot of smoke. Thankfully she managed to get the keys to get the door open.

“She took in a lot of smoke so she is still in hospital on a nebuliser.”

When the two fire crews from Blackpool fire station arrived at the scene, smoke was billowing from the house and the flames had engulfed the kitchen.

Four firefighters wearing breathing apparatus tackled the flames using hose reels and fans were also used to clear smoke.

It took the fire crews two hours to put the flames out.

Watch manager Alder added: “She was very lucky. She could have quite easily have fallen down and choked on the smoke while trying to get the keys.

“There were smoke detectors in the property but the fire was large and it made a real mess.

“This should be a warning to people to have a fire plan sorted and have your keys near your door or have thumb locks so you can get out quickly if necessary. Also, try to get a deep fat fryer because they are temperature controlled, rather than a chip pan.”

The blaze caused fire damage to the kitchen and smoke damage to the remainder of the property.

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