More workers at risk in cull

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FEARS are growing that up to 200 workers could lose their jobs when civil servants are transferred from the Norcross government site.

Ancillary workers not directly employed by the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) fear they will be in the firing line.

Cleaners, catering staff, messengers, maintenance workers and security guards are among those who face an uncertain future.

It was announced this week 1,200 DWP staff will move from Norcross with the bulk of them going to Peel Park.

While the DWP has stated there will be no job losses among its staff, unions fear there will be redundancies among sub-contractors who support the current workforce at Norcross.

Duncan Griffiths, (pictured) branch secretary of the Public and Commercial Services (PCS) union on the Fylde whose members include the support staff, said: “I am extremely concerned that unless steps are taken very quickly to look at the true impact of the changes to the DWP estate, many of the suppliers, contractors and sub-contractors will find themselves in danger of being made redundant.

“I estimate 150 to 200 jobs could be affected.”

One support worker, who asked not to be named, said: “There are lots of us including cleaning staff, messengers, caterers, electricians etc who fear we will be out of a job.

“We have not been told at all what will happen to us. I think between 100 and 200 jobs could be affected.”

A spokeswoman for the DWP said steps would be taken to see if there would be opportunities for sub-contracted workers.

She said: “We are prepared to work with suppliers and service providers to help seek redeployment opportunities for the individuals affected.”

Land Securities, which owns the Norcross site, were unavailable for comment.

The DWP announced on Wednesday that it is to close down its operation on the Norcross site.

Its workforce is due to have transferred from the site by the end of next summer.

The changes will still leave around 400 workers based at Norcross who are employed by the Service Personnel and Veterans Agency.

Hewlett Packard also employs some staff at Norcross.

The DWP is relocating staff as part of cost-cutting measures.