More UFO sightings over the Fylde

UFO fever is continuing to sweep the Fylde coast as Bispham becomes the latest place to report strange objects in the sky.

The site of glowing orange blobs sent shivers down the spines of neighbours at Fitzroy Road on Saturday night.

Mother-of-three Nicola Ormerod, 28, noticed the strange – and as yet unexplained – sight as she walked her mother to the door at around 11pm.

While neighbours gathered to watch the mysterious shapes, quick-thinking Miss Ormerod captured footage on a video camera.

She said: "I've always been very sceptical about UFO sightings but lots of people saw the shape and we can't explain what it was.

"It was like an orange blob and was hovering above the houses across the road.

"It was quite low and we thought it was unusual because it made no noise. It was eerie.

"As we watched it moved slowly across the houses and stopped and then started going upwards until it was out of sight.

"We ran to get the neighbours and nobody could believe what they were


Similar sightings were reported near Out Rawcliffe on Friday night and further sightings of the orange shapes were reported in Macclesfield, Cheshire, at 10.30pm on Saturday night.

Fleetwood has also had a busy month for unusual activity in the skies as strange orange lights, described as "like big balls of fire," were

seen racing across the sky at the Larkholme Estate.

Gavin Billington of Fairway also managed to capture footage on video.

Miss Ormerod's mum Gail, 47 described what she saw: She said: "The orange blob was definitely not a plane, a helicopter or a shooting star.

"It was totally quiet, I have seen the video of the lights at Fleetwood and it looked exactly the same, it is very strange."

Peter McDonald from Layton set up the website with

friend Dave Reeves.

The site asks people to post any UFO or paranormal sightings.

Mr McDonald said: "We haven't had any reports on our site about the sightings in Bispham but we are aware there has been quite a bit of

activity in the area lately.

"There could be a simple explanation for the lights,we are aware there are lots of Chinese lanterns being set off or it could even be a communications satellite, these can glow orange if they catch the sun.

"I would be very interested to see the footage however and will keep an eye out for any mention of further sightings on our website."

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