More blunders for Northern Rail at Lytham and Layton train stations

Poster at Lytham train station.
Poster at Lytham train station.
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Misleading and out-of-date signage causes confusion for commuters

Calamity-stricken train company Northern has had to give answers again following mistakes at two of the Fylde’s train stations.

Station closed sign at Layton train station.

Station closed sign at Layton train station.

The company has had posters placed at Lytham train station, alerting customers that they will be fined if they don’t purchase a ticket before they get on a train despite there being no ticket office or machines at the station. There is also a sign at Layton train station stating that the station is closed due to a railway upgrade when in fact the station has since reopened following the upgrade.

The posters at Lytham station advise passengers that from the Monday June 25 that Lytham will be a ‘Penalty Fare’ station as well as stating ‘This will mean you must buy a ticket before you travel, otherwise you may have to pay a Penalty Fare (at least £20)’.

Lytham station does not have a ticket office or any ticket vending machines as passengers must purchase either when they get on the train from a conductor or from online before boarding the train.

A Northern spokesman said that anyone who gets on a train without a ticket from a station with no ticket facilities will not be penalised or refused a ticket.

They added: “They will not be able to get full discounted rates such as the ones you can get by purchasing earlier.

“We are looking to introduce over 600 new ticket vending machines and Lytham may have one in the future.”

Karen Cope, 51, from Newton-with-Scales said that the sign at Lytham was misleading and might force people to find alternative transport.

“If you have people without access to the internet, I think they will worry they will get a fine.

“Ideally they need to put a machine in as soon as possible.”

When asked about the sign at Layton train station, the spokesman said the station is open as normal and as unaware about it. He said that they would get in contact with the station manager and make sure that any out of date material will be removed.