Mooky sculpts his own props at this years Blackpool Tower Circus Panto

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Laci Endresz Jr is the star of Blackpool’s year-round circus extravaganza.

And his clowning capabilities as Mooky are the stuff of legend, entertaining thousands of families every year from the Tower Circus.

Laci Endresz Jr with his props that he has created for the Blackpool Tower Circus Christmas performance. Pictures: Jason Lock Photograhy

Laci Endresz Jr with his props that he has created for the Blackpool Tower Circus Christmas performance. Pictures: Jason Lock Photograhy

But who knew he was a talented artist - sculpting and decorating the colourful cast of animals for this year’s circus pantomime Mooky Doolittle.

In this year’s circus panto, Laci and his brother Bubu, known as Mr Boo in the clowning world, take on the classic children’s film, first released in 1967 starring Rex Harrison and remade in 1998 starring Eddie Murphy.

Around 40 props had to be made so the panto could feature the colourful cast of animals who make the story of hilarious hi-jinks and wacky comedy so endearing.

Mooky began sculpting the props which include an alligator, a frog, a triceratops, a panda, a turtle, moose, a cow, a woolly mammoth and about 20 monkeys, in April – the same day the summer show started.

He was performing two shows a day and then working in his workshop on the Christmas panto characters at night.

It took around six months to make all of them, out of latex, fibreglass, rubber, foam and even melted down empty milk cartons.

But Mooky and Mr Boo are used to juggling their show schedule with working behind the scenes.

The Endresz Brothers have been creating the costumes, props and set-pieces in Blackpool and around Europe since the early 90s.

Mooky said: “I first learned to sculpt when I was in my late teens when a friend, who was a sculptor, helped me make a piece of art for my grandfather’s grave when he died.

“Since then, I have been making the props for our shows and I love it as much as I love circus.

“The props actually change the way the shows are written because you can think of jokes with them, especially animals because they are funny anyway, unpredictable and the kids love them.

“I love animals too and when I retire I’m going straight to the animal shelter to adopt loads of them.

“This year’s panto has been lots of fun to create and everybody who has come to see it loves the props – especially when the moose does a poo!”

The annual Blackpool Tower Circus Panto has jaw dropping stunts and edge-of-your seat performances by circus stars from around the globe.

There’s also plenty of classic panto humour by Mooky and Mr Boo throughout.

All props used in the production including costumes and set-pieces have been created by the team at The Blackpool Tower Circus, ensuring magical moments for even the youngest of visitors.

Mooky Doolittle runs until Sunday, January 21. Tickets cost from £5.95 for toddlers online at