Million pound Asbo man back in courts

Simon Frodsham in Lytham
Simon Frodsham in Lytham
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A LYTHAM man claimed he was a “political prisoner” after being hauled before the courts yet again.

Simon Frodsham has breached his Anti Social Behaviour Order (Asbo) more times than anyone else in the country.

This week alone he has appeared before Blackpool Magistrates’ Court five times in five days for breaches.

The 40-year-old – known as the ‘Million Pound Asbo Man’ – has had his Asbo seven years and breaches it every time he walks through his hometown of Lytham.

“I feel I’m being persecuted – I’m a political prisoner,” said Frodsham, who has breached his order more than 140 times at a cost of £1.4m to the taxpayer.

“I have not harmed anybody, done any criminal damage or scared anyone.”

Frodsham, formerly of Glen Eldon Road, St Annes, was barred from Lytham after leaving his mother’s home and starting to sleep rough in churches and shop doorways.

But now Frodsham – who was fined £50 for his latest breach – has disobeyed the order so many times he has spent 95 per cent of the last seven years behind bars.

A recent request for the Asbo to be lifted has been denied, and Frodsham’s lawyer Steven Townley said: “Courts have called this Asbo abhorrent because it punishes a homeless man who happens to live in a wealthy community which does not like homeless people.

“I applied for it to be lifted however the police response from the senior officer in their ivory towers at Lancashire Police headquarters felt the Asbo has been a roaring success and want it kept in place.

“They have no idea how the rank and file officers who have to deal with my client feel about the issue. The issue is a man walking along the wrong side of an invisible line in his home town where he has friends and support.”

A crown court judge, a District judge and a series of magistrates had all backed the removal of the Asbo, which has three years to run. Frodsham won’t have to pay his latest fine because of time spent in custody.