Milk protest as farmers head to supermarket

The farmers and their supporters with the milk outside Asda
The farmers and their supporters with the milk outside Asda
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Farmers and their supporters cleared the shelves of milk when they held a protest at a Blackpool supermarket this weekend.

Around 30 people went into Asda on Saturday morning and filled trollies with bottles of milk.

But they suspect supermarket staff knew they were coming, as there was only enough milk on display to fill four trollies.

The protestors bought the milk - using money donated by supporters - and handed it out to people outside for free.

They spent three-and-a-half hours giving out leaflets and telling people about producing milk, how much it costs and their campaign to increase the amount they are paid by some supermarkets.

Co-organiser Robert Mason, who has a farm in Garstang, said: “I couldn’t believe how good the public were with us. We had a tremendous response.

“A lot of people signed the online petition. We gave 250 leaflets out in about an hour and they all agreed with us. We didn’t have one bad response.”

The farmers held similar protests at three Preston supermarkets last week as part of a wave of milk trolley challenges being held around the country.