Menzies’ joy as Fylde stays blue

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Mark Menzies was jubilant after being re-elected Fylde MP with an increased majority.

The Conservative saw off the challenge of six contenders to lead the poll with 21,406 votes, 13,224 ahead of his nearest challenger, Jed Sullivan of the Labour Party.

With Paul White of the UK Independence Party in third place on 5,569 votes, that left independent Mike Hill, who had fought a high-profile campaign on a ‘Save The Fylde’ anti-fracking ticket, fourth with 5,166.

That left the Liberal; Democrats, who were second to Mr Menzies in the last General Election five years ago, in fifth spot, with the Green Party and the Northern Party in sixth and seventh place respectively.

Mr Menzies saw his majority rise by 39 from the 2010 figure of 13,185 and he paid tribute to the people of Fylde for their faith in him and his party.

“The people have done me proud and it is very satisfying indeed to be returned with an increased majority,” he said.

“I thank them for their faith in me and pledge to work hard for them for the next five years.

“I was hopeful that my result would be good but not this good and this is a tribute the hard work of everyone involved.

“It is important to take nothing for granted and we worked very very hard for this result and my thanks to all the dedicated party members and the people of Fylde who have helped us gain this result.”

Mr Menzies was also delighted that it was a good night nationally for his party, who were set to return to Westminster with an increased number of seats.

“We have had to make some tough decisions over the last five years, but the people have shown their faith in us. \Let’s see how it all pabns out for the full results are in but I look forward to us getting back to work to maintain this economic recovery.”

Mike Hill said he was disappointed not to have gained more votes in his first attempt at gaining a Parliamentary seat but admitted that he had seen indications in pre-election canvassing that he would be facing a losing battle against the Conservatives.

“I got the message that a lot of people felt they had to vote Conservative to avoid the prospect of Labour linking up with the Scottish Nationalists,” he said.

“It is a very safe Conservative seat and it would have taken one of the biggest swings ion election history for me to end up winning.”

Jed Sullivan was delighted to take the second place which Labour held in Fylde in the three elections previous to 2010 and will be back at the same Lytham YMCA venue for the Fylde Council count later today as he is standing as a candidate in Kirkham South.