Memorial Spitfire to fly soon

An artist's impression of the Lytham St Annes Spitfire memorial at Fairhaven Lake
An artist's impression of the Lytham St Annes Spitfire memorial at Fairhaven Lake
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A WARTIME spitfire is set to take to the air again after residents raised thousands to preserve its memory.

After three years of hard work by volunteers, the replica Lytham St Annes Spitfire will finally be installed at its Fairhaven Lake home next week.

The full-size spitfire has been commissioned by local enthusiasts to mark 70 years since the demise of the original, which was shot down over the Devon coast after escorting bombers to France.

And volunteers are delighted the memorial is finally going to be lowered into place after weeks of delays and complications.

John Coombes, chairman of the Lytham St Annes Spitfire Display Team, said: “I’m hoping it will be a significant tourist draw for Fairhaven Lake and the area because that’s what we wanted to do, we wanted to create something that would put Lytham and St Annes back on the map, encourage people to get out of their cars, enjoy the area and spend money.”

Around £50,000 has been raised so far, but the team plan to continue fundraising to complete the project.

The spitfire will be lowered into place on Tuesday morning, but an official unveiling will not take place until all the groundworks – including the installation of eight memorial plaques – have been completed.

It had been hoped the spitfire would be unveiled as part of next weekend’s wartime celebrations, but Mr Coombes said problems with the ground and delays due to the Open Golf had put the project back.

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