Meet marvellous Maggie!

Health visitor Maggie Tennant has been shortlisted for a Celebrating Success award.
Health visitor Maggie Tennant has been shortlisted for a Celebrating Success award.
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Her colleagues believe she is probably one of the longest-serving – and one of the best – health visitors in the UK.

At 75 years of age, Maggie Tennant has just about seen it all and experienced it all, but isn’t ready to stop yet.

And she loves her role as health visitor, working with families across the Talbot and Brunswick areas of Blackpool.

She now works two-and-a-half days a week and is so valued by those who work with her and alongside her, she has been short-listed as Employee of the Year in the 2013 hospital trust’s Celebrating Success Awards.

When nominating Maggie, fellow health visitor Angela Fletcher wrote: “Maggie has extensive knowledge of all the families and their needs.

“She has so much energy and vitality for the job and life. She says she won’t retire while she can still help and support local families.

“Maggie often knows several generations of the families and is loved by so many of them.

“Her knowledge is extensive and she also supports many students who work in health. And after work, she likes to go to the gym!”

But Maggie says she just feels privileged to be a part of the families’ lives and be able to make a difference for people.

“I get an awful lot of satisfaction from my work.

“I love getting to know the families, building up a relationship with them.

“Some of the families I see now, I used to see the parents when they were young too, so I get to know them really well.

“I like working with people, meeting people and talking to people.

“A lot of my work is with young families.

“I don’t have any grandchildren, so it’s wonderful to spend time with the little ones.

“Really my job is about helping families and giving them chance to fulfil their potential.

“Helping to give children the best start, so they can hopefully continue that as they get older.

“Blackpool as a whole has a very transient population and has many well-documented issues, with many vulnerable families, with complex needs.”
 Maggie, who is a registered midwife, decided she wanted to work as a health visitor when she worked at the hospital.

“It sounds cheesy, but we would get children coming in and I just thought it would be nice to work with the mums and with the families.

“And I do still enjoy it, otherwise I wouldn’t be working at 75.”

Maggie – who loves to attend fitness classes – added: “I feel ever so privileged my colleagues thought enough of me to put my name forward.

“I couldn’t quite believe I was on the shortlist.

“I don’t expect any kind of reward as I love my work.”

The winner of the Employee of the Year Award will be announced at the Celebrating Success Awards ball on November 1.