Meet a magic ace

Magician Harry Moulding
Magician Harry Moulding
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WHEN it comes to magic – there’s no doubt this young performer is one of the hottest talents around.

Harry Moulding may only be 11 but he’s already making big waves in the Fylde Mystics Society.

This month, the Cleveleys youngster was given top prize in the organisation’s annual close up magic competition.

Despite competing against adults, he wowed judges with his collection of mind boggling tricks.

From tearing and magically restoring cards, puzzling with his sleight of hand and repairing severed rope, his illusions saw him soar to glory.

The Saint Aidan’s schoolboy said: “I was really surprised but pleased when I won the competition because I was competing against adults who have been doing magic for decades.

“I have always really liked magic from being little.

“I like modern magicians like Dynamo and Derren Brown but I try all kinds of different styles when I’m performing.

“I use a lot of card tricks, I really like close up magic with small groups because I love seeing the look of amazement on people’s faces.

“I want to keep practising hard so I can improve my skills.”

Harry only became interested in magic around 14 months ago after being introduced to it through a friend’s dad.

He later joined Fylde Mystics and is now rarely seen without a pack of playing cards.

His mum Isabel, from Durham Avenue, Cleveleys said: “We are very proud of Harry, he really is a born performer.

“His tricks are great, I can certainly never work out how he does them.

“He practices all the time and has got really good.

“He goes to Fylde Mystics once a month and they help him build up his act.”